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Produced by Hard Candy

Recorded and mixed 1991 by Craig McArthur at Whirled Records, Richmond Vic Australia 3121

Covert art Erika Bach
  Released May 1992 Loud Records distributed through Mds
  (P) Mushroom Music Australia .... (C)1992 Bach/Vlass
Tattoo 11 Track Album Digipak
Tattoo Bach/Vlass . What's that sound Bach Don't expect too much Bach/Vlass
It's real Bach/Vlass Turn Bach/Vlass
Drive Bach
Child of the revolution Bach
Time Bach
Tears Bach
Pray Bach
Open my eyes Bach
Erika Bach Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Demetri Vlass Guitar, bass, vocals
Cubase and Samples - Drums - Drum Machines
Additional vocals on tattoo, don't expect too much, it's real, turn, drive, child of the revolution, tears Melinda Davies, Time Jessica Bell. Keyboards on drive, tears and open my eyes Melinda Davies. Bass on don't expect too much, turn, child of the revolution, tears and time Reno Lalli Drums on open my eyes Terry Bartholomew (all former ape the cry members, except for Jessica Bell, she's erika's 12 yr old daughter)


close window to discography

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